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Our products all use Raw Humate. Raw humate (up to 67% carbon) is especially applicable for farmers and growers who wish to build up their carbon soil content as well as to increase their soil biology. Humate is widely accepted as the world’s oldest form of compost and is very rich in carbon, humic and fulvic acids.

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FarmMate Optigro is made from a thick blend of the world’s finest seaweeds. A great soil conditioner for revitalising the soils depleted mineral and carbon levels.

Why use Seaweeds

Liquid Seaweed fertilisers and concentrates are well known as plant growth stimulants.
Kelp seaweed contains a large number of naturally occurring major and minor nutrients, carbohydrates, amino acids and natural plant growth promotants such as cytokines, natural gibberellins, auxins and betaines (butyric and valeric).
Many other amino acid compounds are present, such as Alginic Acid, Aspartic acid, Glycine, Lysine, and Arginine…the list goes on and on.

The Benefits of Seaweed

  • Improved root development, increased root hairs, increased root depth
  • Increased moisture uptake
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Increased chlorophyll production
  • Maximised crop and pasture yields
  • Increased resistance to fungal attack
  • Reduced crop stress
  • Healthier plant, resistant to disease and insect attack
  • Delayed leaf senescence for maximised cob/ear filling
  • Improved quality of end product, taste, shelf life
  • Improved frost protection
  • Plants establish more rapidly and uniformly

FarmMate OptiGro ‘the growth promotant’

FarmMate OptiGro is derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp seaweed from the North Atlantic coastal waters of Nova Scotia, considered a source for one of the highest quality seaweeds in the world.
FarmMate OptiGro helps develop an improved root system which helps the plant withstand drought conditions.
FarmMate OptiGro increases root volume and depth which assists in the improved uptake of soil nutrients such as Phosphate which is notorious for its immobility and fixation in the soil.
FarmMate OptiGro is a rich source of trace elements which will enhance your pasture and crop yields, and their quality and vigour.
It is well known that the increased use of natural products such as OptiGro, along with avoiding the use of Urea, and the acids and chlorides present in traditional fertilisers, will improve soil microbial life, soil health and, inevitably, soil nutrient cycling. 80% of plant Phosphate uptake comes from the organic Bio-mass, therefore it is vitally important to look after the soil’s microbial life.
There is also a myriad of nutrients and micronutrients and traces that are so vital to human and animal health that cannot be found in manufactured fertilisers.

The Benefits of FarmMate OptiGro

  • Economically priced
  • High dry matter content
  • Ascophyllum kelp base
  • Unique process
  • Safe for the environment, and the user
  • Rich in Cytokinins, Auxins and Betaines
  • High Alginic amino acid content
  • Reduced leaf burn, an excellent adjuvant
  • Minimal agitation required
  • Natural gibberellins


Application Rates / Recommendations


  • Use 1 part FarmMate OptiGro to 20 parts water
  • Apply by sprayer or watering can to soil until soaked
  • Foliage to run-off

Around 10: 1 water: FarmMate OptiGro for tractor boom or rosette
Rate: 5-10 litres per hectare

Advisable not to apply in the heat of the day. The best conditions for foliar feeding are early on a dewy morning or evening. Best results occur when major nutrients are present in soil. Suggested rates of application are designed for typical conditions & as such should be used as a guide only. Climatic conditions, water quality, soil types, application processes & practices may differ and therefore allowance should be made to ensure optimum results.

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