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Our products all use Raw Humate. Raw humate (up to 67% carbon) is especially applicable for farmers and growers who wish to build up their carbon soil content as well as to increase their soil biology. Humate is widely accepted as the world’s oldest form of compost and is very rich in carbon, humic and fulvic acids.

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NutraBoost Gold

NutraBoost Gold is a liquid bio- technological premium product, containing fulvic acid extracted from vegetative material mined from the earth in Australasia. It can be blended with micro-elements and chelated. The production process of FarmMate Gold uses no harsh substances in the extraction process.

Some benefits of fulvic acid in agriculture.


Fulvic acid is valuable to biological agriculture. It can provide a multitude of benefits to both soil and plant, some advantages include:


Powerful organic electrolyte
Enhances cell division and elongation. Root growth is enhanced.
Foliar application of fulvic acid increases the plants oxygen uptake and increases chlorophyll production and improves the uptake of nutrients.
Has a capacity to dissolve minerals and trace elements. This increases plant availability of rock minerals, i.e. Rock phosphate and lime.
Interacts with sun light to enhance photosynthesis
Drought protection, due to increased moisture storage.
Detoxify pollutants in the soil by absorbing toxins and breaking them down
Dissolves silica and magnifies the benefits of this element.
Increases stomata opening, assists plant respiration and also improves the respiration of micro-organisms.
Is a natural chelating agent, slowing oxidation and converting metallic elements into readily absorbable, bio-available nutrition with small molecular size allowing fulvic- chelated minerals entry through plant cells.


Application of NutraBoost Gold

FarmMate Gold is a foliar only product:

  • Horticulture
  • Floriculture
  • Turf management and maintenance
  • Pasture land – conservation of natural resources
  • Hydroponics

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