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Our products all use Raw Humate. Raw humate (up to 67% carbon) is especially applicable for farmers and growers who wish to build up their carbon soil content as well as to increase their soil biology. Humate is widely accepted as the world’s oldest form of compost and is very rich in carbon, humic and fulvic acids.

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Our Products

Raw humate rich products for farmers and growers.

Humate Solutions range of solid and liquid fertilisers are designed to allow our clients to get the very best from their land.

These are fertilisers designed to meet the climate, soil conditions and differing demands of New Zealand farms. Specialist manufacturing processes offer the very best in quality to give the farmer an efficient cost effective fertiliser range that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

With animal health, whether you have livestock that are under performing or you just want to push your best performers through that glass ceiling, any good farmer knows the key to well performing stock is a good gut.  Find out more about our range of animal health supplements and see the difference for yourself!

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Available from Aeroview Garden Centre Thames, Carters Contracting Thames & Waihi, Farmlands Stores and Palmers Garden Centres.


Organic humate is now available in the South Island Farmlands stores

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