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Humate is a key ingredient that is known to boost grass growth, help soil structure and aid stock health. With Stockmate you can increase production and quality in yields in many areas of agriculture.

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Humic Powder

Sodium Humate shiny powder is a high polymer heterogeneous aromatic sodium salt containing hydroxyl, carboxyl and other active groups. It’s alkaline, soluble in water and has the multiple functions such as: ion exchange, absorbing, chelating, complexing, flocculating, dispersion and cohesion etc. it has a wide variety of uses in industry and agriculture.

Used as a feed additive and veterinary ingredients.

  • By adding 0.1 -0.4% sodium humate in the fodder for pigs, cattle, sheep, horses and other livestock, it can promote metabolism, accelerate their growth and development, improve meat quality, raise the yield of meat, eggs and milk, and it also can make animal capillus bright, lower incidence of diseases, and increase the disease resistance of animals.
  • It also has better effect for fish, prawns, silkworms, and other breeds.

Sodium humate can absorb and decompose the hazardous material in the water, chelate heavy metal ions and improve water quality. It can stabilise Ph value of water, improve cultivation environment; it can activate water body, increase dissolved oxygen, maintain ecological equilibrium, and make aquatic livestock grow healthy.

Application Rates


500 kg cow = 100gms per day
40c per day


50 kg cow = 10gms per day
4c per day


500 kg cow = 100gms per day
40c per day


40kg goat = 8gms per day
3c per day


200kg pigs = 40gms per day
16c per day

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