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Humate is a key ingredient that is known to boost grass growth, help soil structure and aid stock health. With Stockmate you can increase production and quality in yields in many areas of agriculture.

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Fulvic Powder

contains fulvic acid extracted from vegetative material mined from the earth in Australasia. It can be blended with essential microelements and chelated.


Fulvic acid is valuable to biological agriculture. It can provide a multitude of benefits to both soil and plant

  • Powerful organic electrolyte
  • Enhanced cell division and elongation (root growth is enhanced)
  • Foliar application of fulvic acid increases the plants oxygen uptake, chlorophyll production and improves the uptake of nutrients
  • Has a capacity to dissolve minerals and trace elements.  This increases plant availability of rock minerals, i.e. rock phosphate & lime
  • Drought protection due to increased moisture retention.
  • Detoxify pollutants in the soil by absorbing toxins and breaking them down
  • Dissolves silica and magnifies the benefits of this element

Directions Of Use

Poultry: Thoroughly mix 1kg per ton of finished feed.
Large Animals: Thoroughly mix 1kg to 1.5kg per ton of feed.
Calves: 20gm – 30gm per day can be fed with milk

Application Rates


10gms per day
6c per dose per day


5gms per day
3c per dose per day


10gms per day
6c per dose per day


5gms per day
3c per dose per day


5gms per day
3c per dose per day

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