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Humate is a key ingredient that is known to boost grass growth, help soil structure and aid stock health. With Stockmate you can increase production and quality in yields in many areas of agriculture.

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25kg Powder

Farmagulator contains a natural blend of humic, fulvic, ulmic and humatomelanic acids along with amino acids which is an excellent source of a dietary supplement to mix in feed rations for livestock, poultry and pets. This product naturally enhances and strengthens the immune system of your stock as well as improving the rate of conception.

Farmagulator also increases the activity of enzyme systems within the animals’ body. In addition Farmagulator has been shown to be a very effective mycotoxin binder capable of binding over 90% of aflatoxin.


Overseas trials have found the following benefits in cows:

  • Elevated feed conversion efficiency
  • Enhanced disease resistance
  • Increased milk yield in dairy cattle
  • Increased dry matter intakes
  • Enhanced efficiency of nitrogen utilization
  • General improvement in health
  • Enhanced fertility and fewer foot problems
  • Improved immune status
  • Reduced somatic cell count
  • Farmagulator is a powerful Mycotoxin binder
  • Reduced losses of methane (-30%) and ammonia (-50%)

* Improved Nitrogen retention in slurry.

Directions Of Use

Poultry: Thoroughly mix 1kg per ton of finished feed.
Large Animals: Thoroughly mix 1kg to 1.5kg per ton of feed.
Calves: 20gm – 30gm per day can be fed with milk.

Application Instructions


500kg = 100gms per day
$1 a day per cow


Mix 1 kg per ton of feed
$10 per kilo


50kg = 10gms per day
10c per day per sheep


500kg = 100gms per day
$1 per day per horse


40kg goat = 8gms per day
8c per day per goat


200kgs = 40gms per day
40c a day per pig

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