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Humate is a key ingredient that is known to boost grass growth, help soil structure and aid stock health. With Stockmate you can increase production and quality in yields in many areas of agriculture.

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20l Liquid

It is a synergistic combination of humic, fulvic, ulmic acids.


Overseas trials have found the following benefits in cows:

  • Biofilm forming effect
  • Para immunologic effect
  • Adsorptive effect
  • Supportive effect on viral immunity
  • Antibacterial effect on viral immunity
  • Growth promoting effect

* Improved Nitrogen retention in slurry.

Directions Of Use

  • Increase live weight
  • Protective effect in kidney and liver
  • Effective in wet litter problems
  • To support the osteogenesis in animals
  • resistance to diseases

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place in original packaging and avoid direct sunlight.

Application Rates

Animal Indications Dosage
Piglets Alleviate heat/management associated stress and prevent diarrhea
Boosting immune potency
10 ml a head/day
Enhance immune system ease adaptation to weaning 15 ml a head/day for 3 days
To provide replacement therapy for diarrhea 15-30ml a head/day at least for 3 days until signs disappear
Sow-Boar To achieve bone strength, nitrogen retention 100ml per day
Peripartum Pigs during periparturient period for health and farrowing 100ml per day
Foals To enhance Ca and P absorption to minimize diarrhea 100ml per day
Peripartum Cows Increase nitrogen retention and enhance immunity 100 ml/head/day
1-2 kg/ton feed
Calves To boost immunity, To treat diarrhea 50 ml/head/day at least for 3 days until signs disappear
Poultry to reduce stress (heat/vaccination for 2 days/transportation) and to boost immune potency from day 2 to 14 500 ml/1000 litres water
Hens To strengthen bone and egg from week 24-44 500 ml/1000 litres water
Broilers To enhance feed conversion, To strengthen bone development, To improve fattening days during 35-42 500 ml/1000 litres water
Turkeys Breeder To prevent diarrhea
To improve hatchability and survival and semen quality/fertility during laying period
500 ml/1000 litres water

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