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FeedMate is a supplement for animals to keep stock in good health, aid in the prevention of disease and treat sick animals.

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Introducing FeedMate

FeedMate is a supplement for animals to keep stock in good health, aid in the prevention of disease and treat sick animals. FeedMate is the natural way to look after the health of your stock. FeedMate is certified for organic input and is one of the most natural ways to combat diarrhoea in calves. Being high in carbon, it works as a detox within the gut, keeping the animal healthy and happy. FeedMate can be used on calves, cows and horses to promote good gut health, strength and condition. As more people trial FeedMate, we are finding other classes of animals are benefiting from it too.


Humates and humic acid have been found to aid the recovery of sick animals and prevent disease, as well as increasing animal production. Some of the benefits include:


  • Forms a protective film on the mucous lining of the gastro-intestinal tract. This helps to prevent excessive losses of water via the intestine and therefore aids in the prevention of young animals becoming dehydrated.
  • Powerful detoxifying agent available for sick animals. The physical manifestation of disease is often a negative response to the toxins released by infectious microbes. Humates bind these toxins which results in a dramatic reduction in toxicity.
  • Supports immune system receptors in the gut lining, shown through increased white blood cell activity.
  • Reduction in somatic cell counts in dairy herds when fed as a 50:50 lick with salt.
  • Important factor for colostrum quality when fed to dry cows.
  • Supplies building blocks for a calf’s immune system.
  • Humates added to feed rations can help to stabilise an animal’s intestinal flora and increase gut microbial growth. The humates stimulate the good microbes while suppressing the bad microbes.

4mm Granula

This is humate that was crushed, milled and then screened through a 4mm size screen.


This product is used for all manner of livestock. Dairy farmers especially, benefit form FeedMate for their calves right from day one. Feeding it to bobby calves in not a problem as FeedMate is completely organic and has no withholding period.


FeedMate is available in 8kg,15 kg and also 1 ton bulk bags for convenience.

FeedMate is available as well in liquid form. Available in 20 litre containers. It can either be drenched or mixed in with the milk with dosage recommendations to be requested.

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